Ransom Note Review – ‘Can’t say Goodbye EP’

Morgan Visconti (yeah, yeah, that’s his dad) has spent a number of years on the periphery of music, incidental music, TV scores, producing albums for his mother, whimsy 60’s Apple signing Mary Hopkin and music for ads for bumwipes or something.


2014 sees him embarking on a solo career which brings immediate ear fruit. The lead track is a very able 80’s tinged electronic introverted pop song, the crisp beats and arppegiated riffs give the track an enticing and mournful glow, the kind that Johnny Jewell is the master of. Even better however comes after the myriad of functional atmospheric bass and beatless dub step mixes. ‘The Glass V3’ has a jittery edge to it, an urgent electronic pop song which brings forward memories of his father’s production on Scary Monsters but re-imagined as being covered by Ultravox at their most new-wave sounding.


Even the lyrics evoke Midge Ure at his most pretentious, Visconti proclaiming about not being able to find love in dark rooms, it sounds arty but doesn’t mean much, this is a good thing. The song is made complete by a crunching synth riff, underpinned by acoustic guitars and a dash of brass, think 1981 era Human League remixing a lost Stax track covered by OMD. If the rest of the album is as good as this, it’s probably damn near unmissable.